Monday, December 27, 2010

Tanto Tiempo

Dear Family,

It seems like it was only two days ago that I was talking to you all. Oh wait... it was two days ago. It was great talking to everyone. It was kind of hard to figure out who was talking. Kyle really got me. I wasn`t expecting that. Weston, you sound different. Cameron, you do too. Everyone else sounds about the same. Not much else happened that day. I had a nice, long personal study. I read some articles in the Ensigns that were sent to me. I read from the scriptures. I read Luke 2 in the morning. I didn`t do any studying with my comp. He didn`t really want to any of that on Christmas. Anyways, all in all, it was a memoreable Christmas.

Yesterday was alright. We finished church at 12.30 and then went home and changed. From there we went straight to lunch.. We spent three hours there. The family forgot we were coming. It took almost two hours for them to get something ready. Meanwhile, we sat in their oven of a house sweating to death. I was fightning to stay awake. I was so tired. Elder Longfellow didn`t really care. He doesn`t like working in the middle of the day because it`s so hot.The whole time we were there, this family had a DVD going with a lot of classic songs. That was so hard for me to not look. I did look a few times. It doesn`t help when your comp doesn`t even care. We finally left their house a little after four. Huge waste of time. I committed myself to follow the rules better. Even if my comps don`t want to, I`m going ot try my best to follow them. Luckily, changes are coming up soon.

This week, I`ll be spending half of my personal study time everyday making goals for the new year. I`m dividing them into different categories. I`m trying to make them as specific as possible. I`m really looking forward to the new year. This last year was good. I hope next year is even better.

So Solomon Ward has a new member of the bishopric? Cool beans. I forgot that the Langfords moved out. Are they living in the same house again? I could end up being in a branch presidency or bishopric before I end the misison. There are plenty of wards here where that might happen. That would be pretty fun. Tyler and I could be in the same club. We`ll see.

I have another question. Yesterday after sacrament meeting, my comp and I helped put away the sacrament stuff. One of the members of the bishopric was helping us. We threw away the bread. Then the member of the bishopric poured all of the leftover water into a cup. Then he told us we had to drink it of pour it on a plant. We thought he was joking so my comp started messing with him. He was serious though. We told him that`s how it`s done in the states. Anyways, does anyone know what to do wiht the bread and water? I`m just curious now. It`s nothing important.

So that`s it for now. My next pday is this Saturday. I don`t if I`ll be writing then because everything will be closed. (Everyone was closed on Christmas that why I`m writing today). If I don`t write then, I`ll write next Monday. Until then, Que la fuerza les acompañe.

Elder Ethan Jones

Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Everyone,

What`s up? ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! First off, before I forget, I`ll probably be calling around 11 o`cclock your time. My comp is calling first so whenever he gets done, I`ll call. I figure it`ll be around 11. I`ll call to give you my number then you can call back. I assume you`ll get a phone card. That`s that.

So the work is good. We found two investigators last week. They`re awesome. They are two ladies. We still have to meet their husbands. Their names are Gladys and Cecilia. The lesson with Gladys was weird at first. First off, she let us in without any struggle. That never happens. We asked some questions about her family. Her answers were usually "yes" and "no". It felt like we were interrogating her. It was cool though. She committed to get baptzed in January. We almost had an investigator in Church yesterday. We had a great lesson with our investigator Elizabeth Saturday night. We talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. She said she would go to Church. Yesterday morning we went to pick her up to take her to Church. Unforetunately she got called into work unexpectedely. That`s life. I wish she could have come because Presidente and Hermana Heaton showed at our ward yesterday. It`s cool though. She committed to get baptized in January as well. It looks like January is going to be a good month.

Christmas is going to be fun. In the morning, we`re watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"(live-ation one) as a zone. After that, I`ll be calling home. Apparently we`re spending the night at our district leader`s apartment. President Heaton asked us not to do that but we really don`t have a choice because all the city transportation will be shut down on Christmas. We`d have to walk for a long time to go watch the movie. Anyways, it should be a fun day.

I have a few questions. First, can someone ask the Hulseys if Tyler is getting my letters. I`ve sent a few, but I never get any back. If not, I`ll have to find a different way to write to him. Also I`m looking for a new Bible. The LDS edition is a little big to lug around so I`m trying to find a smaller one. Could you put about 20 bucks in my account. That should cover it. I had to use my other personal money on other stuff. It`s getting reimbursed though. That`s all. Gracias.

As you can see I`m sending some pictures home. I took these within the last month or so. Last week at interviews Hermana Heaton had us act out the Nativity. I was a sheperd. Elder Longfellow was a wise man. Papà Noel decided to drop by as well. We all got to take pictures with him. The big building is Uruguay`s capitol building. Their legislature meets there.

Anyways that`s all for now. I`ll talk to you on Saturday.

Elder Jones

Monday, December 13, 2010

¡What a Week!

Dear Family,

¡What a week! First off the weather is crazy right now. It rained a lot last week and really cooled down. It almost feels like winter again. From what you all say the weather is weird there too. We can all enjoy a nice, warm Christmas together. We`ve really been having a lot of success. We lost a lot of investigators, however we`ve been finding some really legit new ones. On Saturday, we found a lady named Elizabeth . We contacted at the beginning of last change. We went by her house every now and then but she always blew us off. About a week ago we went to her house again and she was once again busy, however she said to come back on Saturday, so we did. We got there about eight. We got to know her. The guy she lives with showed up and we talked with him as well. He left to go cook something though. By the time we started teaching, it was almost 9. Honestly I wanted to go home because we get home late every night. From her house it takes us about ten minutes to get home. We wouldn`t have had time to teach a good lesson and get home on time. I just wanted to set up another appointment. I can`t do anything about it though because I`m not senior comp. The lesson went well though. I didn`t talk at first because I was upset. I didn`t want to break the rules. I started talking though and the lesson went well. She understood everything and she accepted to get baptized in January. We did get home late but I guess it was worth it.

I met an old investigator for the first time yesterday. He`s been investigating the Church for over ten years. He already has a testimony. He always reads the Book of Mormon. He is also reading "Teachings of Presidents of the Church:Spencer W. Kimball". He loves Presicent Kimball. He just feels he`s not ready to get baptized. While talking to him Mosiah 18:8-20 popped into my head so we read it. It was perfect. He still was being stubborn though. He`s a super nice guy. He asked me what I thought of him. I said, "You`re ready to get baptized. I don`t know why you`re not." We`ll see what happens with him. That`s the update on the work.

There weren`t very many people in Church yesterday because it was raining. The Uruguayos don`t go to Church if it`s raining. It`s funny.

I saw the coolest thing last Friday. We were eating lunch with Hermana Dulcinea, a recent convert(FYI she cooks really well, as well as you do Mom). From her table, we can inside the bathroom. Anyways her cat walks into the bathroom and does its business on the bidet. It stood on the back of the bidet and rested its front legs against the wall and did its business. I wish I had my camera so I could get a picture of it. Hermana Dulcinea says it`s always done that. One of the coolest things I`ve ever seen. It reminded of the scene in "Meet the Parents".

About the calling, I`ll proably call you guys around 10 o`clock your time. My number is 011-598-2305-0089. Elder Longfellow is calling first so when he finishes I`ll call you to say it`s safe to call. That way you won`t interrupt Elder Longfellow during is call. To answer your question Jenny, I`m not sure if I can call you. Interviews with the President are tomorrow so I`ll ask him and let you know next week.

Thanks fro sending the package. I`mnot sending one home. It`s too expensive. I`ll just bring a bunch of stuff home. I did a Christmas card today though. I`ll get that in the mail tomorrow. It should get there before Christmas. There wasn`t a big selection so I hope you all like it.

Have a good week. Talk to ya`ll later.


Elder Jones

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You the man Cameron

Dear Family,

What`s up? You`re the big man Cameron. I can`t believe you`re already twelve. That makes me feel old. You have the priesthood now. That`s awesome. I hope your birthday was fun. ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! Next year we`ll do something fun on your birthday.

I`ll answer questions first. About the calling: I have to go to the phone company and figure how you guys call down here. The phone system changed here a few months ago. Elder Longfellow and I are going ot figure that out today. I`ll let you know next week. FYI: I`m pretty sure Uruguay is five hours ahead of Arizona right now. You guys cancheck that to make sure.

It`s looking like Christmas down here. Christmas lights don`t seem to be as big, at least in the city. A lot of stores have decorations. The only difference is the heat. Christmas in the heat is weird. It`s supposed to be chilly outside. I`m sure the Uruguayos would think that Christmas in the U.S. is weird since it`s cold.

Congrats to Krysten. She got that taken care of quick. No sense in waiting I suppose.

Uruguay is the same. It`s nice and hot. Summer hasn`t technically started yet. To me it`s already here. Chnages are today. That`s why I didn`t write yesterday. I`m staying in Sayago with Elder Longfellow. I`ve learned a lot from him. He`s crazy but a good missionary. He talks about dirty stuff sometimes so we`ll see if I can`t fix that. It should be fun. I can`t believe this change will take us in to 2011. Where did the last year go? Time is going by way too fast. We`re pretty much starting with nothing this change. We`ve lost most of our investigators. Nelly. our best one, dropped us like a hot potato yesterday. She`s always so nice, but yesterday she wasn`t herself. I don`t know what happened. She was progressing really well. She was reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it. Her sister is Catholic and doesn`t like us so I`m thinking her sister finally got to her. We planted the seed though. Future missionaries can harvest it. That`s missionary work. I reread Alma 26:27 yesterday to boost my spirits. It always helps. All I can do is do my duty and be patient. It`ll all work out in the end.

How was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional? We didn`t watch it. It got broadcast at 11o`clock Uruguay time. It`s getting shown in the stake center this Sunday. Elder Longfellow and I are going to try and take an investigator because I want to watch it.

We ate at an awesome restaurant today. It`s a Mexican grill just like Costa Vida or Chipotle. It was amazing. It`s owned by Americans. A few weeks this older guy stopped a group of us missionaries and told us to go check it out. We finally found it and ate there. We talked with the owner`s son, Brian. It was fun talking in English. They have eleven of these restaurants all over South America . He gave all sorts of deals. We talked a little about the Church. He knows a lot about us. His best friend growing up in Colorado was a member. He went to Church with him a few times. He`lldefenitely get baptized someday. We will defenitely be going back there again. It was a taste of home.

That`s it for now. Have a good week. I love you all.

Peace out,
Elder Jones

Elder Ethan Jones
La Misiòn Uruguay Montevideo Oeste
Enrigue Martìnez 1167
Montevideo , Uruguay
C.P. 11.800