Monday, January 25, 2010


If you are enjoying this blog, remember that Ethan would probably enjoy a letter from you. It only takes a minute. If you had time to sit down and read this then you probably have time to write a quick note. Thanks.

This is note from Ethan that came in snail mail.

“I can receive e-mails through g-mail. If anyone wants to do that, the address is On the subject like put Elder Ethan Jones so they know who to send it to. Normally, you would only have to put the last name, but there is another Elder Jones in this mission. You can only send new e-mails. No forwarded e-mails, jokes, stories, etc. I cannot respond to there with an e-mail unless it’s an immediate family member.”

or at


Hola Familia,
How`s everything going? I am doing great. We have had a busy week.
We did a lot. Last Wednesday was Zone Conference in Salto. That was really
neat. At the end, Elder Haviland, Elder McRae, and I got to bear our
testimonies. All of the greenies get to bear the testimonies at their first
Zone Conference. After Zone Conference we did some contacting around Salto
before we had to catch our bus to go back to Bella Uniòn. We almost missed
our bus, but we got back safe and sound.
Elder Da Silva and I had two baptisms yesterday, Moises and
Veronica. We had to go pick up both of them, or else they probably would not
have come. We finally got them there. I got to baptize Veronica. That was
really neat because it ws my first time baptizing someone and I got to do it
in Spanish. Elder Da Silva wanted me to be able to do the baptizing for my
first baptism. Yesterday was vert good.
Today we are in Salto for P-day. We are going back to Bella Uniòn
tomorrow. We left at 3 this morning. I slept the whole way. We have a lot
planned today so it should be fun.
My Spanish is not that good. It`s still pretty hard trying to
understand people. Most of the time I can`t understand people because they
are talking too fast. I ask them to slow down and they immediately start
talking fast again. People always ask me if I know how to talk and I always
tell them I have nothing to say. I tell them that when I can understand them
better I will have more to say. That`s what I`m working on right now, trying
to understand. Eventually I`ll learn. I just need to be patient.
It sounds like you are all staying busy at home. I hope that Blaine
and Nathan are enjoying working on the truck. I`m glad it`s not me. The part
Blaine needs is a sway bar bushing bracket. What else? President Ashby is
right, President Peterson is awesome. I`m going to miss him when we get our
new mission president. We will probably find out who are new mission
president in a few weeks. President Da Silva replaced President Ashby.
It sounds like Ryan is doing well. Can you send me his mission home
address? That way I can send letters to him and Branton. I never sent Ryan a
letter the last time you gave me his address so I assume it`s probably no
good. It sounds like he`s ging to have a lot of work to do now. Fun for him.
What`s with everyone getting pregnant? Didn`t Chelsea just have a
baby? I`m going to have a lot of new people to meet when I go home.
I hope Connie is doing well. Next time you go to get water, can you
tell them I will send pictures as soon as I can. I have not forgotten abou
them. There are just no places in Bella Uniòn where I can print out
How was Ward Conference? Was the building pretty full? Bishop Meek
finally got released. He was in a long time. What is he going to do with
himself now?
Thanks for the updates Cameron. The Colts and the Saints are playing
in the Super Bowl. I`m going to say that the Colts are going to win.
Congratulations on making first chair. I only made first chair once in all
the years that I was in orchestra. It was 8th grade.
I am looking forward to your letters Weston, even if you`re doing it
for points. Get your Eagle Project done. Don`t be lazy like me. Remember,
you can`t get your license until you have your Eagle. What`s this I hear
about you being in the school musical? What`s the mission choir?
I think that`s about it for this week. We are staying busy and
working hard. Thank you for your letters. You guys are the best.

Elder Jones

P.S. Who thinks that I am updating my blog myself? That`s pretty funny.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Letter from Elder Jones

Hola Familia,
How`s everything going? Everything is going good for me. This has
been a great week. We have made a lot of progress with our investigators.
Oscar is one of our investigators that is really close to baptism. We have
been giving him a lot of focus. He has been having problems with his wife,
who actually isn`t his wife because they`re not married. Elder Da Silva gave
him some scriptures to read the other day. We asked him if he would go to
church and he said yes. He kept his promise and came to church yesterday.
Elder Mace and Elder Smith, the other two Elders ,here, in Bella Uniòn, had
two baptisms yesterday. Oscar was able to watch those. He said he liked it.
We committed him to bring his wife and two daughters to church with him next
week. He promised us so I hope he does.
Another investigator closet o baptism is Julio. He has had some
problems in the past, but he really wants to change. We give him a few
verses from the LDM to read every night and the next day w ego and discuss
those with him. He is getting really close to baptism. We need to get him to
church a few more times and he will be ready for baptism.
My Spanish is coming along. I still don`t talk that much because I`m
still trying to figure out what the people are saying. I`ll eventually
figure it out. Elder Da Silva has been helping me a lot. I`m glad he`s my
dad(trainer). It must be a missionary thing to call your trainer your dad. I
have been learning a lot of missionary lingo here. It`s like missionaries
have their own set of vocabulary.
I almost broke my knee last week. We were playing volleyball
Thursday night. There is a sports night every Thursday at the church. I was
going up to spike the ball and the obispo was on the other side trying to
block it. I`m not exactly sure what happened. All I know is that the obispo
hit the side of my knee really hard. I couldnt walk on it for a while. It
was a little sore. I`m fine now though. You don`t have to worry Mom.
We gave our landlord a blessing the other night. I annointed and
obviously had to do it in Spanish. It went well. Elder Da Silva had to tell
me what to say at some parts but it went well. I need to practice that a lot
Thanks for the updates Cameron. My companion is Elder Da Silva. He
is from Paraguay. Uruguay is five hours ahead of Arizona. We are on daylight
savings right now, I think. Have fun in Scouts. It sounds like you will.
Axes, knives, and saws. Fun for you and Mom.
It`s nice to hear that things are going well for Will and Sharisse.
They seem pretty serious. Rock on. Mom, it was my English scriptures that I
said were falling apart. I fixed them so they`re good now. You don`t have to
worry about it. Tell Kayli Happy Birthday for me. I forgot to mention it
last week. Also tell Valerie, James, and Grandma Jorgensen Happy Birthday
for me. It`s noche to know that the Church recognizes that I`m a missionary
now. Haha. Question: Why do Emilie and Irving have three foreign Exchange
students? One more question: Could you sace The Beehive that has my picture
in it? I would like to have one.
This is for Nathan. We had lunch with Familia Molina the other day.
He served in your mission about the same time as you. He served from `99 to
`01. He says he kind of remembers an Elder Jones. I`m going to show him a
famliy picture when I see him again. I was just wondering if you remembered
an Elder Molina.
Anyways, I think that`s about it for this week. You guys are the
best. Thanks for the support and the letters. Keep praying for me. Remember:
HLJ(Haz lo Justo).
Elder Jones

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bella Union is Hot

Dear Family,
How`s everything going? I know I haven`t written for aq while, and
you are probably wondering why. We never got a chance to last week. We were
too busy when we got here. Now you know.
We left the CCM Tuesday morning. The airport took a while. It took
the people a while to get all our luggage checked. I was getting pretty
anxious because I wanted to call home. We finally finished though and got to
the gate. My phone card didn´t work. I didn´t what to do with it so I just
used some of my pesos. As you know I only had about a minute to talk. It was
moce talking to you though. I`m glad I surprised you. That was my goal. I
hope you can wait until Mother`s Day to talk to me again. It`s only four
months away.
We stayed at the church offices Tuesday and Wednesday. We did a lot
on Tuesday. We had to go to the doctor to get some blood taken. They only
had to poke me once. They didn`t miss. It`s all part of getting our
residency for Uruguay. After that we had lunch. It was so good. Hermana
Petersen made it. Then we had a lot of orientations. Boring. We eventually
went to bed. I slept god that night. Wednesday morning we went to the
temple. It was awesome. I did it all in Spanish. I understood a little bit.
It was still good though. After that we got our companions. Presidente
Petersen had us all line up against the wall and our trainers came and lined
up behind us. They sang “Llamados a Servir” and then we got to turn around
and meet them. After that, we ate lunch. We had to stay in Montevideo for a
while. Our bus to Salto didn`t leave until midnight. So, we did some
contacting. I didn`t understand a thing. I have to get used to this kind of
Spanish now. It was still fun. Finally our bus left. We got to Salto, had
district meeting, and then caught a bus to Bella Union.
Enough about that. I guess I should tell you a little bit about my
trainer. His name is Elder Da Silva. He is from Paraguay but his English is
pretty good. His dad is the president of the Montevideo mission. It`s a
small world. My area is called Bella Union. It `s a small city at the very
north western tip of Uruguay. It`s right on the border of Argentina and
Brazil. I can see Argentina if I walk a few blocks. I like it here. It`s
very hot though. There is a lot of rain though but that just makes it more
humid. When it is raining though, it feels good.
I haven`t been talking a lot. When we go and talk to people, I just
sit there. I still don`t realy understand them. My goal this week is to talk
more. I have to talk more this week because I have to give English lessons
to a little boy. We left this boy`s house the other day and Elder Da Silva
said I was going to give him English lessons. We`ll see how it goes. The
first lesson is tonight.
Oh ya. I gave a talk yesterday. One of the counselors came up to me
yesterday, 45 minutes before church started and asked me to speak about
having trust in the prophet. It was only fibe minutes, but everyone said it
went well. So I guess it went well.
I have been meaning to ask you mom. Can you print out my emails and
put them in a binder like you did for Emilie? That would be swell if you
Congratulations Brisa. You get to be a big sister, and you`re
staritng to crawl. Fun times for your parents.
I hope you enjoyed your time in Arizona, Valerie and Charles. Now
you get to go back home. Have fun. Tell James hi for me.
I know exactly what you mean Dad. I am nervous and excited. My
trainer is very good. He still has a year left so he is not to trunky yet.
That`s nice. He will teach me a lot.
Thanks for the updates Cameron. The Cardinals are stil going strong.
That`s good to hear. The Sun`s also seem to be doing good. Thanks for
updating my chart. Keep writnign me.
Have fun with your project Mom. It sounds like you have your hands
full. I`m sure you don`t mind though.
You can send letters to me in two ways. You can send them to the
mission home or you can send them through pouch. The addresses are on my
facebook page. You can ask Carly to look them up. You can also use gmail. I
don`t remember the address so I`ll talk about that in the letter I`m going
to mail.
I think that`s about it for now. Thanks for all the support. You
guys are all the best. I`ll write a letter home to see how long it takes to
ge there. Anyways, I love you all.

Elder Jones

Elder Jones

Jones Family,

We would like to let you know that your son Elder Jones arrived safely to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission we are so excited to have him here with us serving the lord. He has had the opportunity to visit the Uruguay Temple , meet his trainer, and he is now in his area working diligently in this great work. On Monday you will have the opportunity to hear from your son by e-mail and we are sure he will have many great stories and experiences to share with you. Thank you for preparing your son to serve with us here In Uruguay Montevideo West! We will be sending a photo of your son at the mission home this coming week.


The Uruguay Montevideo West Mission

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Already?

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
This has been a good week. I can´t belive 2009 is over. That year
went by so quickly. This is my last letter from the CCM. Next week I´ll be
in Uruguay. I can´t believe that the CCM is almost over. I am leaving Tueday
morning at 4:30. Our fliht doesn´t even leave until 7. We are going to be
sitting there for a while. Our flight is about 30 minutes. I have no idea
what we will do when we get there. We are staying at the mission home until
Thursday. After that, I´m off to the mission field. It´s finally here.
We went proselyting this last Monday instead of last Saturday
because they didn´t want us going out the day after Christmas. Apparently,
it pretty wild. So we went on Monday. We had a new area this time. It is
defenitely a more humble part of the city. It took us a while to get to our
area again. The maps we get are not very good. We finally got there though.
We had some ver good contacts. We set up a cita(appointment) with a lady
named Lucrecia. She seems very interested. We are looking forward to
teaching her. She was my second favorite contact. My favorite was our last
contact. I don´t remember his name though. Anyways, we stopped him and he
said he was in a hurry. He said we could give him a quick lesson. That
contact turned into a lesson. We taught him about a lot of different things.
My favorite part was when we were talking about eternal families. He was a
little confused about it so I explained it, as best I could. Then I
testifies about families. He seemed to open up after that. It was so cool.
We gave him a Book of Mormon that I had written my testimony in. He said he
would read it. Unfortunately he doesn´t live in our area so we couldn´t set
up a cita with him. We ended up talking to him for 20 minutes or so. Pretty
quick contact I´d say. Haha.
New Years was alright. We we took our final test. We had to memorize
a lot of stuff: D & C 4, principles and commitments for lessons 1 through 3,
my purpose, the first vision, and the baptismal interview questions. I got a
9 out 10. I was surprised I did that well. After that we had dinner and then
we watched the Joseph Smith movie. That is a great movie. After that we
really did nothing. It was just another normal night. No one stayed until
12. There were a lot of fireworks though. Today, we had a devotional about
the Great Apostasy. We ate lunch and now I´m here. It´s the story of my
I have been staying healthy (knock on wood). I had a cold a couple
after I got here. I´ve had some headaches but nothing major.
I hope you had fun playing games with everyone. I ´m sure they all
missed me. The extent of our games here include playing ping pong, playing
fútbol, flipping pesos into each others shirt pockets, and throwing
different things back and forth. It´s actually pretty entertaining.
How´s the ward doing? Are there any new members? Did anybody get a
new calling? I got the December newsletter from the Cluffs. It was nice to
get it. I feel so special because I made to the front page. Whoo does the
newsletter now? It´s different that it used to be.
Thank you Valerie for counting down for me. What would I do without
I think that´s about it for today. Thanks for everything. You are
all the best. I guess I´ll be writing you from Uruguay next week. I hope you
have a great week.

Elder Jones

P.S. I´ll try and email some pictures home when I get to Uruguay.