Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Dear Everyone,

How`s the heat? I think it has gotten to the point where it goes to be really cold. It rained all weekend. Now it`s just cold. It`s not the kind of cold where you put on a jacket and that`s that. Oh no. It`s a humid and windy kind of cold. The winds goes through anything, and the humidity makes it impossible to stay warm. It`s great. The only time I`m really warm is at night when I`m in bed. We have a heater which warms up the room really quick and keeps it warm. Anyways, that`s enough complaining from me.

We keep getting blessed with more investigators. We`re staying really busy with them. Unfortunately, none of them came to church yesterday. However, a recent convert named Martìn brought his friend Marcos. Marcos is an ex-investigator, but now we get to start over with him again. I guess he wasn`t ready before, but now he seems interested. It`s all in the hands of Heavenly Father. The work here is hard though. Most of the time when we clap at houses, no one opens the doors. Whenever someone does open the door, they usually don`t want to talk. It`s hard to not to get frustrated. It`s a trial, but it`s all worth when someone does let us in. The hardest peopel to talk to are the Catholics. They are stubborn. On a side note: Last week we were contacting on the same street as the Testigos de Jehova. They worked one side, and we worked the other. They never stopped and talked to us though. Oh well. Another side note: On Saturday we had a lady yell at us. That was the first time I`ve ever been yelled at. We clapped at her house at 6pm. She opened her window and we introduced ourselves. Then she said in a mad voice, "Pero, por favor. ¿En èste momento?" Then she shut the door. That Elder Haslam and I a good laugh.

Mrs. Daniels died. She was my fourth grade teacher. She was great. That`s way sad. Was she still teaching at Franklin ? I thought she retired, but maybe she didn`t. I hope everything is well for them.

So it didn`t rain on graduation. That was nice for them. I wish that`s how it would have been for me. Scout camp and girls camp is the same week. The young women never do camp until July. It sounds like you`ll be busy Dad. Bishop Brubaker will be busy as well. I hope that goes well.

Did Kristen get home? I think she was supposed to finish this month. Her mission flew by.

I have a few things to add to the list. My jacket is not completely waterproof. Neither is the rainjacket I got at Sport`s Authority. I was wondering if you could send a good rain jacket and a pair of rain pants. My pants always get wet because there is sideways rain here. I figured Dad could get a discount at Bass Pro Shops since he`s got some membership. That would at least keep me dry.

I`ve been forgetting to do this. My mission address changed again. I don`t know why it changed again, but they said this is the permanent one. That`s what they said last time so we`ll see. For now, use this address.

Elder Ethan Jones

La Misiòn Uruguay Montevideo Oeste

1167 Enrique Martìnez

Montevideo , Uruguay

C.P. 11.800

I`m still looking for my memory card. I hope I find it. Elder Guardipee said he hasn`t found it yet. I hope someone finds. If not, oh well. That`s life.

I guess that`s about it for this week. Thanks for everything. Until next week...

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Ethan Jones

Monday, May 24, 2010

Muy Cortita

Saludos Familia,

This is going to be short. We were just barely able to email. The computers have been full all day. I got the picture from grandma and grandpa jorgensen. It looks you guys went through my stuff that I packed away. I recognize all that. I hope you didn`t mess everything up. Haha. Last week went well. We`re still in finding mode. We have been contacting a lot. We found a lady last Tuesday. Her name is Gracilea. We had a good lesson with her. She couldn`t make it to church yesterday though because she went to Montevideo or something. We have a lesson with her tomorrow. She was a miracle. We weren`t expecting her to let us in. We were pretty happy after that. We saw another miracle last night. We had had a lot of lessons planned for yesterday, but they all fel through. We once again spent most of the day contacting. It was about 7:30 last night. We clapped at a house, and the son told us that his parents weren`t home. We kept going. We finished contacting that street. As we were walking dowm the street, that same boy stopped and told us that his parents wanted to talk to us. We taught six people. It was the parents, one son and his wife, and two other sons. It was a great lesson. They asked us a lot of good questions. We have another appointment to go back. Heavenly Father was preparing that family. If anyone else had let us in, then that little would never have found us walking down the street. That was the miracle of the day.

I thought of some other things I need. They are: new Maglite(mine broke), scratch remover for my glasses, mosquito net, root beer extract, maple extract, and an oil vial. I do not an oil vial. They are very expensive here. Gracias.

So school ends this week. Tell graduates congratulations for me. Why did they change the way they do seminary graduation? I guess that means the super activity is next week. I hope that goes well.

Mom, I`m going to send that stuff for your lesson next week. I`m still working on it. I hope you like it.

I guess that`s it for this week. Until next time...

Les quiero,

Elder Ethan Jones

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dear Family,

It was great talking to everyone yesterday. Everyone sounds great. I got the picture from G and G Jorgensen. It was pretty sick. I`m impressed. You know me too well. I broke the rule of how long I`m aloud to talk. Presidente Peterson said we get 45 minutes. I think I went over. Haha. It`s all good though. I really don`t care.

I don`t have any questions for you guys. They all got answered last night.Let me know how fishing went.

I like my new area. It`s a small town. There`s a branch here. We`re in finding mode right now. We need more investigators. We did a lot of that last week, and we plan to do that again this week. I like it here. I found a beanie and some cheap gloves. They should work.

Here is the list of stuff I need:

Thermal Garments-7 pairs I guess-size small

Yellow Eagle Scripture Markers( Deseret Book)

New Missionary Journal(Mini, green three-ring binder)(Deseret Book)

More Melaleuca lotion

Anything else you think I need

When are you doing your lesson Mom so I know how long I have to prepare? This all the Young Women? How long do you want my inspirational thought thingy to be? I`ll try and prepare something good.

Well I guess that`s it. This one of the shortest letters I`ve ever written. Thanks for everything.

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Ethan Jones

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Saludos Familia,

How`s everything going? Is everything pretty busy with Dad`s new calling? I`d imagine that it is. Four days until the wedding. Blaine and Carly better enjoy single life while it lasts. Haha. Was an invitation sent to me? I guess we`ll talk all about it on Sunday. How`s school going? Only a couple of weeks left. ¡Wow! The was fast. Now everyone can enjoy a well-earned summer vacation.

Last week was another slow week. We didn`t have a lot of success. That`s how it goes though. Elder Guardipee is still getting over pneumonia. It`s hard for him. Changes are today. I`m leaving Paysandù after only one change. I was surprised. I`m going to Montevideo . There are three zones there. I`ll in Cerro. My area is the farthest area from Montevideo . I have to take a one hour ride to get there. Cerro is one of the coldest places during the winter. I think it`s funny that I spent summer in the hottest place in Uruguay, and, now, I`m spending part of winter in one of the coldest parts. I`ll living a few blocks from the ocean. Rock on. My new comp is Elder Haslam. This will be his first change as senior comp so it should a neat experience. I`m excited. I leave at 4.30 in the morning.

Now to the main stuff: calling home. I`m going to call home around 6:30 pm, Uruguay time. You should all be home from church by then. Buying a phone card won`t work for me. Uruguay is really expensive plus I can only use the phone card on a pay phone. I don`t know my new phone number so I`ll call you around 2:30 pm your time to give you the number. Maybe Dad can get a phone card or something. That`s the plan with that.

The Suns beat the Spurs. That mae me so happy. I`ve talked with some missionaries that say the Suns have never been able to beat the Spurs. Now I can tell them all that the Suns not only won, they swept them. The Suns deserve to win. I hope you recorded game 4 so I can watch it when I get home. I`ve been talking about it all day. The Suns finally got revenge. Now it`s on to the Lakers, and then to the Finals.

Well, I think that`s about for this week. I`ll talk you all for real on Sunday.

Les quiero mucho,
Elder Ethan Jones

Monday, May 3, 2010

Winter has officially started

Querido Familia,

Well it sounds like it has been a very interesting week. Dad you`re the new 2nd counselor. I can`t say I`m not surprised. When I found out that Pres. Rogers got released, it never crossed my mind that you would be the new one, but it makes sense. It will probably be the same as when you were bishop. All I can say is have fun.

Uruguay is all good. Last Friday was the first official day of winter. It`s not too cold,but it gets chilly. Elder Guardipee and I had a pretty lowsy week. We have an investigator named Nair. She had a baptismal date. We had to wait a long time to give her a date because there was a man living with her. The man finally moved out a few weeks ago so we were able to give her a fecha. We went by her house last Saturday. The first thing she told was, "No puedo bautizarme." The guy came back. She said she didn`t ask him to come back, but we think she wanted him to come back because she was lonely without him. We were kind of surprised, but we knew somehing like that might happen. We talked with her for almost two hours. We read a lot of scriptures. She said she wants to get baptized, but she`s not willing to change. We had to be blunt with her. On top of that, she didn`t go to church yesterday. It looks like we have more work to do. Bring it on.

So how are the temples coming along. I know the Gila Valley Temple got dedicated yesterday. How are the other two. Have they started building them yet? You guys told me there are two new missions in Arizona . Do you know where they are? Let me know.

Changes are next week, again. Time flies by. My six month mark is on Wednesday. The last six months went by fast. It`s already May. This year is already going by fast.

I am in need of a few things. I need more long johns. I haven`t seen any here, and, if I do find some, they will probably be expensive because everything is expensive here. The size of the ones I have now are small. Could you send me a few pairs of those? It`s starting to cool down fast. I would also like a collapsible laudry basket. A member washes our laundry so my laundry bag is usually at her house because it takes a few days to wash everything. I usually don`t have a place to put my dirty clothes. Also can you send me regular Uno. A lot of missionaries have it. It`s a great game to play with people. There`s also this game called It Came to Pass. It`s probably at Deseret Book. I`ve played it a few times. It`s another good game to play with people. I`m also almost out of Nutella. That does not exist down here. Another bottle of that would be nice. The best way to send it is using the USPS Flat Rate boxes. The correo down here never checks those because they take too long to open. Put a lot of tape on it as well, just to be safe. Gracias.

I have some good news. Presidente Peterson doesn`t care which day we call home. So I figured I`d call the 16th instead of the 9th because everyone will be in town, plus I`ll have more time to talk because everyone else is calling home this Sunday. The 16th also happens to be Mother`s Day down here. Go figure. I`ll probably call around 3 o`clock PM your time. I`m pretty sure it`s a four hour difference, but check that just to make sure. I figured that would make you all happy.

I think that`s about it for now. Until next week...

Les quiero,

Elder Ethan Jones

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Real Address

Dear Mom,

Today at district meeting, we found out that the new mission address is different than they originally gave us. So the one I sent this morning is wrong. Ignore it.

The new one is:

Elder Ethan Jones

La Misiòn Uruguay Montevideo Oeste

1175 Enrique Martìnez

Montevideo , Uruguay

C.P. 11.600

Thanks. Love ya lots. Talk to you next week.


Elder Ethan Jones