Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Short One

Hey everyone. This will be a short one again. I don`t have much time. Well it sounds like the reunion went great. That`s pretty funny my surrogate scared everyone. I promise I`m not that scary looking anymore. I look a lot better in person. Well I hope everyone had fun. Now you`re all leaving again to go on a another vacation. I hope that`s fun. What are you all planning to do? How is summer vacation treating everyone? Is anyone ready for it to be over? School starts again next month. Weston you`re going to be a senior and Cameron you`re going into junior high. I bet you feel super old mom. It`s all good though. I still love you. Well the week went well. We were trying a new form of working last week. Elder Montes did it in his last area and he said it works really well. We visited all of our main investigators every day or almost every day. On the days that we didn`t have any scheduled lessons with them, we just went and talked for a few minutes to see how they were doing. It seemed to help because we had five investigators in church yesterday. However, we are going to change things up a little bit this week because we didn`t have much time to find new investigators. Now we have to try and find the perfect balance. This ward that we`re in is about to explode. They were lousy missionaries here for a long time but now we`re here and we actually work so the ward is now doing a lot better. Elder Montes and I have a famliy of getting baptized next week as well as the husband of a member. On the seventh, three kids will be getting baptized as well. I can tell that the members are really excited. Hopefully this will help the ward. This Saturday, we`re having a ward activity. Somehow I got asked to give a ten minute devotional about unity since that is what this lacks. I`m excited though. It`ll be fun. I see the itinerary came. None of you can be trunky because I`m not. Anyways, like I said it`s just a short one. Hopefully I`ll have more time next week. I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Jones

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