Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Everyone

Dear Family,

Well first off, Happy Birthday last week to Irving, Annie and Travis.
Last week I forgot to tell you all to celebrate Uruguay`s Independence
Day. It`s the same day as Travis` birthday. Next year we`ll do
something fun. Also, Happy Birthday Mom on Wednesday.Don`t Worry. I
won`t tell anyone how old you are. I hope it`s fun. It`s kind of nice
that my birthday happens to fall on the next Pday. We`re going to some
big buffet in Brazil. I hear it`s like that Brazilian restaurant in
Provo. It`ll be good though. I`m excited to go. I think that`ll be a
pretty cool way to celebrate my 21st birthday. About the journal, it`s
a mini green, three ring binder. It says MIssionary Journal on the
front. One other thing. My comp doesn`t have a camera and I`m thinking
about giving him my other one. I want to make sure that it`s okay with
you mom.

Anyways moving right along. We had a good week. We`re trying to figure
out the best way to find people in our area because it`s pretty
difficult. We did think of some things to do though during our weekly
planning session last Friday. On top of that, we had a meeting last
night with the stake president to talk about what he wants us to do
here. It was really good. He gave us a lot of ideas. This week will be
really successful. We have good investigators that are progressing and
this new way of working will really help us.

Thanks for telling me about Elliot and Ryan. I guess Ryan went home a
little early. Probably for school. I knew he was supposed to get home
this month. That`s weird that he`s already home. All my friends are
going to be getting home soon. I have one favor to ask. Can someone
get Elliot`s address and send it to me. I haven`t seen him for a while
and he would probably enjoy a letter.

Being a district leader is fun and stressful at the same time. From 9
to 10 this morining I was just calling people. The zone leaders kept
calling me and telling me to call my district about a bunch of
different stuff. It`s fun though. I think the best part will be to do
the baptismal interviews. That was always one of the reasons that I
wanted to be district leader. My district has a lot of baptisms coming
up so I`ll be giving a lot of interviews. It`s also fun teaching other
missionaries. The best part is that it helps me a lot as well. Well
that`s enough about that.

That`s it for now. Have a great week everyone. Have fun with the molds
and all that stuff. Thanks for everything.

Elder Jones

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