Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey Familia

Dear Family,
Well I guess it`s a little too hot in Arizona; wildfire season again. So how did this Wallow Fire start? Was it intentional or accidental? That ummm well isn`t cool. There go some good campgrounds. It`s almost as big as the Rodeo Fire isn`t it? Well let`s hope the weather starts helping out a little so they can get it under control.

So Uncle Kyle is bishop of a singles ward. ¡Mira! That should be fun. Hope he enjoys it. Bishop Eames wasn`t in too long or maybe he was and I just lost track of time. Anyways good luck to him.

So how`s Girls Camp looking? How was the cooking stuff last week? Was it good? Did you mail me any of that food? Are you taking the truck up to that or the van? Is the truck fixed yet? Well I guess all I can say about that is enjoy it.

What happened to Grandpa Jones? Is everything fine with him? Tell him to take care of himself.How are the other grandparents doing? How is the extended family? Are tthere any more great grandkids for the grandparents? I`m pretty sure everything will be really different when I get home.

Alright on to the misisonary work. So we found a pretty awe4some family last week. Of course they live about a half hour walk from our house; out in the middle of nowhere. The best people always live far away, but hey I can`t complain. At least we have another family to teach. The name of the family is Familia Cuña. It`s a mom and two girls and a boy. We haven`t met the boy yet. He`s always gone but we`ll meet him. The mom`s sister is already a member so she knows a lot about the church. We`ve had two lessons with them and they`ve both been great. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation on Saturday and they loved it. The mom really liked the part about the resurrection. We read Alma 40:23 together and then the mom asked us," Is that really how it is?" "Yep," we said. After the lesson the mom told us that she would love to be baptized, but, in a nut shell, doesn`t feel worthy. She said she did some things in the past that she regrets. We told her about the Atonement and that if she asked for forgiveness then all is well. She has nothing to be sad about. She was really happy after. They didn`t make it to church yesterday because they had family in town but I`m pretty positive they`re going to go this week. It the miracle of the day. Emanuel and Ana are doing fine. We talked with Ana on Saturday night. Emanuel was sick with the flu. We talked about eternal families. It was great becasue she said everything we wanted to hear. She pretty just read our minds. She said she knows that her needs to go to church to be an eternal family. She asked us to have patience with them. She promised, I mean really promised that her family would go to church this Sunday. We had her sign a contract. I don`t if that`s aloud but we did anyway. These two families should be getting baptized the same day. That will be awesome. I think it will help the ward a lot. That`s the update for now.

Well have a great week everyone. See ya.

Elder Jones

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