Sunday, October 23, 2011

¡It Finally Happened!

Dear Family,

Well it finally happened. Emanuel and Ana git baptized last night. It was a great baptismal service. We did a lot to get ready for it. Last Monday we started cleaning the baptismal font because it was super dirty. We finished cleaning it on Saturday. We finally left the church at 4. We lost a lot of working time, but this baptism was more important plus the font looks great now. It`s been three months since we found them and they finally made the choice to get baptized so I made sure it went well. It was complete with hot water. At the last few baptisms, we had to use cold water because the watr heater was broken. It got fixed for the last baptism but the members didn`t know how to turn it on so the poor boy that got baptized had to be baptized in cold water. We went yesterday to fill up the font because that wasn`t going to happen to Emanuel and Ana. It was nice and warm when we got it. Once again it was great. Emanuel and Ana are very happy. They`ll get confirmed this coming Sunday. Now we have to get their son baptized. He wasn`t sure yet if he wanted to do it so he didn`t get baptized. He`ll get baptized though. I attached some pictures so you can all see. It feels good to be a missionary. The work is hard but seeing investigators get baptized makes it all worth it.

So what`s new back home? School starts next week. BUMMER! Oh well school isn`t that bad. Apparently you Tryons are now in your new home and starting a new life. Que lo disfruten. You guys better visit a lot so I can see my nieces. What else? So it`s hot and muggy there. It`s raining here right now. Hopefully it stops within the next 2 hours because we leave at six to go work. If not, I have my rain suit. Oh ya before I forget. Dad do you remember Scott Stapley? He got home last Friday. He was here in Uruguay except in the other mission. It`s weird to me that he`s home now because it feels like he just left. Anyways now you know.

Well I think that`s about it for now. I ran out of time again. I on`t type fast so I can`t write as much. Sorry. I hope you all have a good week. Thanks for everything.

Elder Jones

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