Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Dear Family,

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to myself, Happy Birthday to me. Wow so I`m 21 now. I`m not sure what to think of that. Turning 20 was really weird, but turning 21 is even more weird. I am officially legal. By the way Carly, my comp is 21 so you know what that means. Wink wink. It`s been a good day. This moring, one of the senior couples in the mission called me and me the birthday song. Right after that the hermanas in my district called me and did the same thing. After that we went and played soccer as a district. We almost didn`t play because it was raining all night long up til about 9 o`clock this morning. Luckily it stopped and we were able to play. Brazil was pretty cool. Surprisingly I can understand a good chunk of portuguese. I have to concentrate really hard but I was able to pick up what they were saying. The restaurant we went to in Brazil is like the one in Provo. They bring out chunks of meat and cut it for us right there at the table. They even sang Happy Birthday to me. It was really fun. Tonight we have a Family Home Evening with the relief society president. It`s her birthday todat too so I imagine that she`s making a cake or something. Anyways it`s been a good day.

We`re having a lot of success here. We`re really trying hard to work more with the members. That`s a really big focus here. We have a lot of imvestigators and the best way to care for them is to make sure that they have friends in the ward. The district leader is going well. It`s a fun experience. I`m learning a lot. I did my first three baptismal interviews this past Saturday. That was really fun. Super cool experience. I have three more to do this Friday. The hermanas in my district are baptizing like crazy. I have lots to do to keep me busy so that`s good.

So it looks like the stake is changing just a little bit. That`s pretty crazy. That means I might be giving my homecoming talk in a ward full of people that I don`t know. Maybe we`ll have the other 7th warders again. This means that I have to call the mission offices now and tell that my stake changed. I`ll do that next week though when I found out the changes. I hope that all goes well. Have fun.

Well family, I`m out of time once again. Thanks for everything, especially the birthday wishes. Have a good week.

Elder Jones

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