Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sin Tìtulo

Dear Family,

Wow! Talk about shocking news. I hope the Strebe family is alright. Wow! Well they`ll defenitely be in my prayers. I`m not exactly sure what to say about that only that I hope they`re alright.

Well Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I don`t remember if I said that last week. I hope it was fun. Also Happy Anniversay Jenny and Paul. I`m pretty sure I forgot to say that last week. Five years already. You still have a ways to go before you catch up to Mom and Dad, but you`ll get there someday. Also I don`t remember if I ever told Happy Birthday Nathan so Feliz Cumpleaños.

Moving on. So the White Mountains are fine. That`s good to hear. There is some good fishing up there so it`s not aloud(alowd?) to get burned. Let`s hope that nenver happens.

So how`s school? How`s Taylor Cameron? Do have any of my old teachers? What about you Weston? How does it feel to be a big, bad senior? Does it feel different? The way I saw was that it was me being that much closer to finishing high school. However, as I look back, I would like to be back in high school. Those were the good, ol` days. Anyways enjoy it while it lasts.

How`s the Book of Mormon reading going? I`m also trying to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish before I go home. I`m in Alma 26ish. I should finish it in three months. It`s kind of hard to find the time to do it because I`m always studying for investigators and stuff like that. I think I`ll finish it though.

What else? Ummm changes are this week. I am leaving. I`m going to a city called Artigas. It`s right on the border of Brazil. Maybe I`ll learn more Portuguese. I know little bit already so we`ll see if I end up speaking a lot. My new comp is Elder Rodrìguez. I have no idea who he is. It`s that he`s latino though because he`ll help me improve my spanish. It`s kind of sad to be leaving Salto. These five and a half months flew by. A lot has happened here in that time. I learned a lot. I helped a lot of people. I watched the gospel change lives. All in all it`s been a great experience. I hear Artigas is really cool so I`m pretty excited to go. One of our investgators will be gettign baptized tomorrow night. He gets married tomorrow afternoon and that he`ll get baptized a couple hours later. His name is Juan and he has changed his life completely. Unfortunately I won`t see the baptism, but the most important thing is that he`s getting baptized. We have a few other families who are getting ready for baptism as well so Elder Montes and his new comp will have a lot to do. That`s the work update. I`ll let you all know next week how my new area is.

Well that`s all for now. Have a good week.

Elder Jones

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