Sunday, October 23, 2011

¿Her what`s up?

¿Her what`s up?

Hey family. What`s up? I was pretty surprised to see how many letters I got today. I spent almost 15 minutes reading them all. That`s what I like. So let`s see. What`s new here? The weather has actually been surprisingly warm. It was just cold for that one week a few weeks ago and then it warmed up again. I actually had to use the fan last night because it was too hot and the mosquitos were bugging me. I just sleep in shorts and a tshirt now. The first official day of winter is tomorrow. We`ll see if the weather changes or not. I`m cool with it like this. The only thing I don`t want is the humidity. Every night when I get in bed my sheets, pillow and sleeping bag are always damp. That`s not bad though. It`s been raining the last few days and it`s supposed to continue until Wednesday. It`s rained at night so the last few days and I`m cool with that. None of our investigators made it to church yesterday. The bad weather didn`t help and there was the play that all the kids were required to go to. Yesterday was the birthday of Josè Artigas(the George Washington of Uruguay). Every year, on his birthday, the kids have to perform a play in his honor. It doesn`t even matter if his birthday falls on a Sunday. They have to do it. That was annoying because all of the families we teach had to go. It`s alright though because they had a good excuse. We`ll just make sure they get to church next week. We still don`t have a bishop. The young men`s president got released yesterday so we`re thinking he`ll be the next one. I don`t care who it is though as long as we get a bishop. This ward is falling apart right before our eyes. The stake president is leaving for Virginia next week to go his daughter and he`ll be gone all of July. We`re hoping that he calls a bishop before he leaves. Until then we`ll make do. What else happened? We had a conference last Thursday with Elder Foster from the Seventy. It was pretty awesome. He taught us some new ways to work with our wards. Then he talked about who we are. He showed some video cliops from Discovery Channel to show us how big the universe really is. The videos about how the Hubble took pictures of thousands of galaxies that no one knew existed. It was pretty awesome. It really put in to perspective how small and insignificant we really are compared to all the other creations. That was the point Elder Foster wanted to make. Even though we`re so small, God still knows us perfectly. He knows us by name. One of the examples he used was the First Vision when God called Joseph by his name. I really enjoyed it. It made the whole getting up at 4:30 in the morning thing all worth it. Umm the work continues on. We`re finding good people to teach. It`s always great to teach them. The people here are really great. I like being amongst them.

Well it sound like the whole reunion thing is moving along. I like your idea Blaine. Take my surrogate. That way I can still be in the pictures. I`m getting one of those shirts right? I hope so. I`m assuming this is happening at the cabin. Is the entire family going? That will be quite the party. What else? Are there sister missionaries in our ward again? I thought they got shipped out of there. That`s a bummer that activity didn`t go very well. I know how that is. I`ve planned a lot of activities in my misison and hardly anyone, if not anyone goes. It`s all good though. You just have to keep trying and eventually it will work. How`s the missionary work there? Have there been any baptisms lately? Luckily I speak spanish now so when I get home I can go talk to all of our neighbors and get them baptized. What else? Did anyone ever find out if Water Mart got the letter and picture I sent? I got a letter form Mark Halbert last week. He says he just got a comp that doesn`t know sign language so he gets to teach him. I`m sure he`s loving that. Well I guess that`s about it. I need to email President and then go print out a huge map of my area. Until next next week...Que la fureza os acompañe.

Elder Jones

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