Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well what`s up everyone? It`s cold here and that`s all there is to say about that. Well mom and dad I guess you`ll be at girls camp when you read this. I hope that`s fun. I`m not exactly sure what to say about that so just have fun. What else? Is the truck working again? How`s summer treating everyone? Anything new in Mesa? What are your plans for the 4th of july? Is the ward doing making breakfast as usual or is it going to get changed up a little bit this year? We`re eating lunch with a cool family. They know it`s Independance Day so I think they`ll give us something good. Let`s all that they don`t give us noodles mixed with peas and tomato sauce. By the way just so you all know Independance Day here is August 25th. I know that`s pretty far away so that gives you all plenty of time to plan a big party. I know that`s Travis` birthday as well so you can combine the two parties. Oh by the way, Happy Father`s Day two Sundays ago. I totally forgot to say that last week in my letter. I could use some more money. I`m going to order some awesome leather scripture cases from a member in Paraguay. Altogether it`s about 80 dollars. Gracias. Other than that I`m doing fine. I had to buy some new socks last week because my other ones finally gave out. I was doing good at patching the holes but the holes finally got too big that I couldn`t save them. Some members here made fun of me for patching my socks but I didn`t want to buy more because that costs money. However it was finally necessary. Moving on to the work. The work is good and difficult at the same time. We haven`t had anyone in church this entire change. It`s frustrating because we have really good investigators who want to go. However something always happens that keeps them from going. We have to keep posponing their baptism dates. However, this morning, we studied about setting goals and came up with some new ideas about how to get them to church. If we get all these people to church, we`ll have at least ten baptisms next month. That would help this ward a lot. It`s a constant battle but it`s fun. I really enjoy it. My testimony has been strangthened a lot. I`ve learned a lot too. Each of my comps has taught me something. I`ve had a lot of difficult comps but I always try to focus on their strong points instead of focusing on their weaknesses. That`s helped me a lot. We have changes next week so I won`t be writing until next Tuesday. I think this presidente Heaton`s busiest week. I`m pretty sure he`s in his office on his knees for a good long time every day this week. We`ll see what these changes bring. That`s the update here. What else? Ohh ya I got your package Valerie. Gracias. I was pretty surprised when I saw it. James is as cute as ever. Ummmm, how`s the fire? Is it almost out yet? What about the one by the cabin? How are the sports doing? Are the Dbacks still doing well? I heard there won`t be any football this year because the NFL had some contract problems. Is that true or am I just hearing stuff? Alright well I know this is short letter but I can`t think of anything else to write. Have a great week everyone. Peace out.

Elder Jones

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