Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hey everyone,

What`s up? I got the picture of the new stake presidency. Nice suit dad. Well from what I`ve read, a lot of stuff has happened in the stake. Good times. Lots of new people to meet. Yay! So mom when are you going to get put in a stake posotion? I`m sure you`de love that. Keep that in mind dad. So am I going to be President Johnson`s second missionary realease or is someone else going to get home before me? Well dad I hope you have lots of fun in your new calling. Just think only a few more years. Haha.

Cool well moving on. Artigas is doing great. My district is baptizing like crazy. Last Saturday and Sunday I did five baptismal interviews. All of the them were for the Hermanas. They are baptizing machines. In the last two weeks, they`ve baptized eight people. They`re baptizing one more this weekend as well. On top of that interview, I`ll have three more to do for the other two companionships in my district. In short, I`m very happy because my district is working really hard. Thye`re showing the Lord that they`re willing to work and He is giving them people to teach. They`re all pretty awesome missionaries.Tomorrow is our last district meeting. This change has flown by super fast. I`ve learned a lot.

Umm can someone tell Aunt Jabice to tell Robert that I won`t be speaking in church until November 13th. He wrote me today and said that he already bought a ticket and will be in Mesa from the third to the tenth. He needs to stay a little longer so he can be at my homecoming. Oh and about the the whole sleeping thing. I say that the guests can sleep on the couch and I`ll stay in my room. Just kidding. I`ll take my old room again and when anyone shows up, I`ll just take the couch. That`s what I always used to do.

Well that`s it for this week. There really isn`t anything else to report. The work continues and that`s all that matters. Have a good week everyone.

Elder Jones

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