Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's May!

Dear Family,

You know the saying "April showers bring May flowers"? I want you all to know that that saying is real. I`m not sure about the flower part but the rain part is certain. April defenitely brought a lot of rain. Hopefully May will change that. Anyways about the call; I`ll call around 6:30 Uruguay time. I think that`s about 2:30 your time. I`ll call and give you the number and then you`ll call me back.

By the way, Happy Bday Jenny. I completely forgot to say that last week. Do you want to know what I did yesterday to celebrate your birthday? I walked around in the freezing wind and rain on Uruguay`s Labor Day. This place was absolutely dead. Church attendance was very low because it was raining(Uruguayos don`t go to church when it rains) and because the buses were shut down for the day. We spent the day visiting recent converts and less active members. It was a good way to make use of pretty lousy day. We did have some pretty good lessons though. It was o good day in a certain sense.

What else has happened here? We found two really good investigators last week. Their names are Emanuel and Ana. I don`t want to jynx myself by saying this but they`re pretty much golden investigators. Emanuel leaves work early on the nights that we have lessons so he can be home for the lesson. He even said, "I don`t know why you two knocked on our door when there were a bunch of other doors you could have knocked. God had something to do with that." The only problem we`ll have with them is getting them to church because Emanuel is working. We`ll get them there though. If they go once they`ll get baptized for sure. They are probably our best investigators right now. Another good investigator we have is Diego. He`s thirteen. He is at his house alone almost every day. His dad is always gone working. We`ve had two good lessons with him. He wants to get baptized so we`re going to make sure that he does. We have a few others but they`re so-so investigators right now. That`s what`s new down here.

Ummm, what`s going to happen at this family reunion? Where`s it going to be at? Is this just a Jones reunion or a full blown Martineau reunion? Make sure I get represented.
Is there anything new in the ward? Is Mr. Hekekia still there? I hope so because I want to talk to him. Tell him to stay there for at least six more months. How`s the missionary work going? Are there even more new members that I have to meet? I guess that`s a good thing though. The more people, the better.

That`s all for now. I`m about out of time. Talk you Sunday I guess. Until then...

See you later,
Elder Jones

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