Sunday, October 23, 2011

Change 16 of 16

Dear Family,

Well change number 16 of 16 is now starting. Oh boy! I`m pretty nervous. I`m getting a new comp. His name is Elder Ponce. I have no idea who he is. All I know is that he`s now starting his fifth change. My plan is to not let him find out that this is my last change. It`s going to be a little hard but I`m try and make it work. I`ll also be a district leader again. I hope my new district is as good as the one I have right now. We ended up having 19 baptisms as a district. We had 30 as a zone and 120 in the whole mission. The work as always is moving unhindered. We`re giving our best effort and the Lord is helping us. It`s great being part of such a great mission. By the way mom, you`re right. I have nothing negative to say about the sister missionaries. They really work hard. My comp and I had a great week last week. Three of our investigators got baptized. It was a miracle that they all got baptized. Their names are Victoria and her older sister Paola. The name of the other is Carlos. It was a really good baptismal service. Last night we taught Carlos` little brother Fernando. We gave him a date for October 21st. Even better is that Carlos is talking with his friends about the Church. Last night he asked us for some pamphlets to share with them. What else is happening? Oh Paola`s and Victoria`s mom has a date as well for October 14th. On top of that we have a lot of other good investigators who are progressing right along. This last change will be a week short so that means I have a lot to do. It`s going to be a great change. I have a feeling that it`s going to be a little hard too but I like a good challenge. I have a little over five weeks to have more baptisms and I want baptisms in my last change. It`s going to be a great last change. I`m super excited.

When I read your letter mom there were a lot of names that I didn`t recognize so I guess that means that there will be a lot of new people to meet. It`ll be fun to meet them all. By the way someone say hi to Tyler for me and tell him "Portate bien". Also if anyone sees Ryan again tell him hi. Can someone find out if I `ll be speaking in church on the thirteenth because if I am someone needs to post that on Facebook so all my friends can go. By the way if you didn`t get the hint in my last letter I want my old room back. Also can I get some more money sent to me? I`m looking for stuff to buy. I bought a machete in Brazil today. It`s pretty awesome. I plan on going there a few times this change because it`s cheaper there. I would greatly appreciate it. Gracias.

Well that`s all for now. Have a great week everyone. Thanks for everything.

Elder Jones

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