Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dear Family,

So apparently a lot has happened back in Mesa. So Mesa South Stake still exists. That caught me by surprise because last week everyone told me that Mesa South was going away. I`m glad it stayed. I do have to admit that when I started to read your letter, dad, I thought you were going to say that you were called as stake president. I know you would have looooved that. They did snag ya though. I don`t know what it`s like to first counselor in a stake presidency but I bet it`ll be fun. Uncle Doug got put in the stake presidency as well. I think I know who this President Johnson person is. He was a bishop in Pueblo stake before, right? He`s a red head or something like that. Maybe I`m thinking of someone else. I`m also happy top hear that the wards are still the same, at least for now. I was super anxious the entire morning becasue I wanted to know how everything was going to turn out. Everything turned out great. Have fun this week dad with everything you have to do.

Ummm well the work here continues. One of the zone leaders here is number hungry so he`s got me stressed out. I prefer to just let my district work the way that is best for them. Each area is different so I can`t really make them work in a specific way. In my first district meeting with them, we read the story of Enos because I wanted them to understand how we should be praying. I told them they need to talk to the Lord. I can give them suggestions but ultimately it`s between each compaionship and the Lord. That`s the way I prefer to work. I kind of wish that my zone leader would get that. Oh well, life goes on. Remember that Weston and Cameron on your missions. Talk with the Lord. It`s about people not about numbers. Right now my comp and I are trying to find the best way to work in our area. It`s a really small area and everyone has heard the missionaries at least a thousand times. We`re talking with the Lord to figure what to do. Little by little we`re figuring out what to do.

Let`s see. Tomorrow is my last zone conference. I`ll be giving my final testimony. That`ll be really weird. I`ll give it in the same church where I gave my first one. I guarantee that when I go up to the front everyone will think, "He`s finishing his mission?" Everyone thinks that. We have to leave at 5:15 tomorrow morning because it`s in another city about 2 hours away. I`ll be getting up at about 4. It`ll be fun though.

Well I think that`s about it. I hope everyone has a good week. By the way my guess for Robert is that he`ll come here.

Elder Jones

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