Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey Family

Dear Family,

Well it looks like I`m already picked on to give talks and I`m not even home yet. Where`s the justice? Dad, I think that you being in the stake presidency might not be such a great thing. Haha. Oh well. One thing I`ve learned on the mission is wingin it. I remember in my sixth change, I was asked to give a talk an hour before sacrament meeting started. I had about ten minutes to get it ready right before sacrament meeting started. At least this time I have more time to prepare. Ummm can someone put an announcement on my Facebook account telling all my friends that I`m speaking on the 13th. I would greatly appreciate it.

So the work is progressing right along here in Artigas. We had a great week last week. We worked like locos. I`m enjoying every minute of the mission because it`s going to be over too soon. I hope my comp doesn`t mind if I work him to death. We`re seeing a lot of miracles here. That`s something else I`ve learned on the mission: there are miracles everywhere. Yesterday we had three of our investigators go to church. The first two are Juan and Mònica. They were defenitely prepared by the Lord. From the first lesson we had with them last Tuesday, they were completely commited to do everything we asked them. They went to church by themselves yesterday. There starting the process to get married. They do everything. They even made us food. We had to take it home though because we were fasting. It`s pretty fun teaching them because Mònica speaks a mix of spanish and portuguese. I get to learn spanish and portuguese at the same time. The other investigator that went is Marìa. She`s great. She`s just waiting to get divorced from her first husband so she can get married to the man she`s living with now. His name is Carlos. They should be getting baptized in November. Satan is really, really, really, really working against them. Satan always attacks the strongest ones the most. But with the Lord`s help, we`re going to get them baptized. We`re also teaching a teenager named Fernando. He`s awesome. He couldn`t make it to church yesterday because he didn`t have any shoes. This sunday he`s going though. He already wants to leave and work with us so I guess you could say that means he`s pretty commited to getting baptized. As of now, I will be having at least one baptism my last weekend on the mission. That was my goal and it`s going to happen. So ya. That`s what`s happening here.

So the Black River trip sounds good to me. Which part are we going to? Are you going Nathan? If you do, you, the Bishop, and I can speak in spanish and no one else will understand.

Someone tell Robert congrats. That`s great that he got his mission call. I know Mark Cooley is in Houston but I think he`s in the Houston South Mission. Colton Jones is there as well but I think he`s in the Houston South mission as well. Maybe they`ll see each other. But ya someone tell him congrats. I`d do it but I can`t.

That`s too bad about baby Briana. It is very good to know that death is not the end and that we can be together forever. Knowing that, Bobby and Kaylene will get through this trial just fine. I`ll be praying for them for sure.

Well I guess that`s just about it. Oh ya Mom were you able to start printing out the letters? Did you get that email I sent you? Also could you send just a little more money? I want to get stuff for everyone. Gracias. You`re all awesome. Thanks for all that you do for me.

Elder Jones

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