Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just a Short One

Hey what`s up everyone? So I`m not sure if I was supposed to get that email about the pictures for the slide show but I did. So I`m going to take advantage of an opportunity to show myself off. I know there`s not much to see but there is at least a little bit to see. Maybe you already thought of this but, if not, you can put the picture I sent home last week in the slide show. I gotta make sure I`m there in some form. Anyways continuing on, last week was very nice. My new comp is cool. We did have a nice, long chat yesterday about obedience. We got everything worked out though. He`s a really funny kid though. He`s from Ecuador but lives in Spain. He doesn`t have that accent though. That`s good because, if he did, I think I would laugh every time I heard it because it`s a pretty funny accent (no offense Emilie). Emanuel and Ana are prgressing right along. Last week we taught them the Word of Wisdom and that lesson usually shows who the real investigators are. It went great though. The only problem they have, which actually isn`t a big problem, is the coffee and tea. They have no problem dropping it though. Ana said that that same day she had bought a different kind of drink called cebada that she had never bought before. She just felt like buying it. It`s as if she already knew that we were going to teach her the Word of Wisdom. They`re getting baptized next week. We`ve been working with them for almost three months now and now we`re seeing the fruits. The restored gospel has changed them so much. Everything about them is a miracle. What else? Oh ya I don`t know if any of you have realized it but as of today it has been two years since I opened my mission call. It feels like that was yesterday. So what else? Ahh Weston you`re getting your license finally. It`s about time. Now you can do all sorts of fun stuff: dates, road trips and who knows what else. Speaking of licenses is there anything I hav to do to get my new license? There was a missionary here that had to fill out some form so he could have an extension. I`m not sure if Arizona does that. Just a question. I hope you all enjoy the reunion. That`s all for now. Thanks for everything.

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