Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dear Family,

Well let`s start with General Conference. In one word: AWESOME. There were a lot of different topics and they were all good. Maybe it`s just the missionary in me but I love General Conference. I`ve been looking forward to it for the last month. I did see all the sessions. I watched the Priesthod Session Sunday morning because it was 9 Uruguay time and at 9 we`re supposed to be in the house. I had to watch that session in Spanish because they only recorded it in Spanish. Good thing I understand spanish. It was thinking that this was my last General Conference in Uruguay. It was a good conference to leave on though. I hope you all enjoyed it too.

What else? To answer your question yes I did stay in the same area. I just have a new comp. We have a lot of work to do here this month. We set a goal of five baptisms this month so we have to do a lot to meet that goal. It`s going to be great though. We`re trying to find some new investigators. This week is important because they have to go to church this Sunday and every other Sunday this month so they can get baptized. We`re going to work like crazy this wek so we can get everyone to church. That`s the update there.

So everything sounds good back home. Did Robert get his mission call yet? Make sure to tell me when he does. Ummm how`s school going? Has the job market improved yet or am I going to be jobless? Any new callings in the ward? Say hi to Tyler for me and find out why he neve wrote me.

I know that my letters have been short lately but I really don`t have much to say. Just know that the mission is going well and that this last month will be great. Thanks for everything.

Elder Jones

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