Sunday, October 23, 2011

What´s up?

Dear Family,

What´s up everyone? What´s new back home? What are your plans for the week mom since you pretty much have the house to yourself right now? Parties? Movies? House cleaning? I´m gonna have to go with the latter since that´s what you always do scout camp week. Whatever you do, enjoy it.

So grad night didn´t have a big turn out? Did it rain? Actually I guess the rain didn´t do a thing to stop grad night my junior and senior year. I guess Mesa High just isn´t as cool as it used to be. Did you go Weston? So there were seven graduates in the ward. We got Radison, Jeremiah. David, Danica, Heather and who else? There must be some new people that I don´t know. Congrats to everyone that did graduate.

So Little League is finally over...after 29 years. That is a long time. You know you´ll miss it mom. Just to be spiteful, I think Cameron should tryout for the baseball team in high school. Ya that´d be good. Make sure you do that Cameron. Mom will love it. There is no more Franklin anymore. Six more years and then it´s all over. That probably makes you feel old mom and dad. I can only imagine how you´ll feel when Cameron leaves on his mission.

Do answer your question about the luches, we get fed really well in this ward. The members in Uruguay seem to think that if we can only eat the first huge plate of food they give us, it means we didn´t like the food. After that we´re sort of obligated to eat more just so they don´t think that. Then dessert comes so by the time we leave we feel like throwing up all the food we just ate. Lately I´ve been watching how much I eat because if I don´t I just get super tired and then it´s really hard to work. So far it seems to be working.

What else? The work is going well. We had two investigators in church yesterday. One is a lady that we´ve been teaching for a few weeks. Her name is Mercedes. It was her first time going and she really enjoyed it. She has a date for June 17th. The other one was an ex investigator named Yalena. She came with her inactive member husband who doesn´t agree the Church. We talked to him once and he just doesn´t understand the Plan of Salvation. Anyways, it was big surprise to see them there. Elder Barton told me that he saw the husband crying during sacrament meeting. The talks were perfect for him. It was amazing how it all worked together. We have to get out to there house sometime this week to see if his wife wants to listen to the missionaries again. All of our other investigators have yet to go to church, but they all have great potential.

We had a really cool experience on Friday. It was about seven. It was dark and cold and almost everything we had planned fell through. The last thing we had planned was actually our backup plan. We planned to visit a less active family. We got in and played Jenga with some of the kids for about fifteen minutes, and then read a scripture with them. It was my turn to pick so I started looking for a scripture. We ended reading Mormon 9:21. I actually share that scripture a lot because it has a good mesage. However it was apparently the exact scripture that the mom needed to hear. With tears in her eyes, she told that she had prayed for the first time in a long time that morning. She said she prayed that we would show up that day. She just wanted us to visit her family. I can only imagine how she felt when knocked the door a little after seven. It was a big testimony builder for her. It was for me as well because it just shows that Heavenly Father answers prayers. I´ve never been the answer to someone´s prayer before. The funny thing is that we went just because were cold and there really wasn´t anything else to do. It´s great how Heavenly Father makes everything happen for a reason.

Well I hope everyone is doing fine. Have a great week. Que la fuerza os acompañe.

Elder Jones

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