Sunday, October 23, 2011

Artigas Is Pretty Awesome

Dear Family,

Well Artigas is pretty cool; cool meaning cold and cool meaning awesome. It cooled down big time last week. We all thought that winter was ending because it was starting to warm up, but that all changed last week. It got super cold over night. It`s the wind that makes it bad. I have plenty of coats and stuff plus an aweome leather and wool beanie so I stay pretty warm. As I was saying, Artigas is a pretty awesome place. My area is big but there is a lot of nothing. There are still plenty of people though. Yesterday we found seven people which was awesome. It shows that there are people here who are waiting for the gospel. Being District Leader is fun but it`s a lot of work. I have the Zone Leaders brething down my neck. If my district isn`t doing well, I get the blame. Luckily I have a good district. We`ll see how this all goes. We do have some really good investigators. Two of them are a couple. They can`t get baptized yet because the wife has to get divorced from her other husband and then marry the man she`s living with. President Heaton gave me money yesterday and told me to use it to help the mom get a divorce(It`s pretty expensive to get a divorce here and they don`t have a lot of money to do it). They`re really cool. The dad, Carlos read the first 36 sections of Doctrine and Covenants in two days. Apparently before I got here, this family didn`t keep any of their commitments but something changed in them and now they are completely committed(commited?) to doing everything. We have a couple of other families that we`re teaching that are really good. This area defenitely has a lot of potential. The best part is that I`m in a ward with a bishop. That`ll defenitely help. That`s the update there.

So Tyler gets home in five weeks. Wow! I`m getting jipped out of a week of my mission because President Heaton has a mission president conference in Buenos Aires. The area presidency told him to do changes a week early and that happens to be the change when I go home. That`s a bummer but no one can control that. Now you know why the flight plans changed and why I`m coming home a week early.

Ummm did you ever find that journal mom? I don`t know if I have enough room left for the rest of my mission. Other than that I`m good. All is well way down here.

Well as Porky Pig would say "That`s all folks": Thanks for everything.

Elder Jones

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