Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Week Gone

Dear Family,

Well another has gone by and there is a lot to report. First off, Elder Montes and I are going to have at least two baptisms this Sunday. Emanuel and Ana are finally getting baptized. Their ten year old son still isn`t sure whether or not he wants to get baptized. This Thursday, we`re playing soccer at the church and he`s going to go so we`re going to talk with him and see what he says. H probably just want to talk during the lessons because there are other people. We`re hoping this helps. The parents are excited to go to the temple. If I was still on the mission in a year, I would be allowed to go to the sealing. Maybe I`ll be able to get some great job so I can afford to come back here when they get sealed. This family is the kind of family that every missionary hopes to baptize. This last week, Ana told us that, when we first found them that they didn`t want to get baptized. They were listening just to listen. However the Lord has other plans in store for them. Before they knew it they wanted to get baptized and do the things we asked them to do. It just proves once again that this is the true Church because there is nothing else that can change a person in that way. Needless to say, this baptism is a miracle. I`ve been in this area for almost five months now and this fmaily getting baptized makes it all worth it. The mission really is great. The good news is that the miracle doesn`t end there. We have lots of other investigators who are getting ready for baptism. The ward members see it and they getting more excited. It`s great to see the work of the Lord move forward. I`m really glad that I got to stay in this area for another change. That`s the work update.

Oh and to answer your question mom, I am healthy, happy, and warm. As far as school registration and all that, I`m going to wait until I get home to worry about that because I have NO idea what I`m going to do. What I habve figured out is that I`m probably just work during those first six months back home, save a bunch of money, and then start school. What I would like to know is if I need to do anything to get my new driver`s license. Is there anything special that I need to do or wil the new just show up? Other than that, all is "fine and dandy like sour candy".

By the way, I met someone from Colonia Juàrez a week ago. I told him that grandma Jones is from there. He recognized the name Martineau. He also knows Berkley Hatch since he`s from there as well. It`s a small world.

So Emilie and Irving, you`re moving? Cool beans. I`ve never been to Reno, but I hear it`s cool. Where are going to work at Irving? That`s cool. I had never planned to visit Reno but now I have an excuse to do it. You two can start planning something right now. Haha...but seriously you should.

Two more weeks of summer vacation. Haha Weston you have to do your assignment. From what Mom said in her letter, it sounds like you have pretty waited until the last minute. There is nothing wrong with that. I did it all the time. You can use the excuse that you were thinking about it and now your thoughts are coming to life. Anyways enjoy that. I don`t remember doing anything for Mr. Baser. Maybe it`s something new.

Oh by the way Felix Cumpleaños Brian, if you`re reading this. I forgot to say that last week.

Well I guess that`s it. Be safew in that drive home. Thanks for everything.

Elder Jones

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