Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Southern Hemisphere is Cold

Dear Family,

Hello. How`s everyone doing? I guess it`s starting to warm up way up there in the northern hemisphere. It`s starting to get really chilly way down here in the southrn hemisphere. I bought a beanie today because I lost the one that I had last year. I`m only having to use one jackt right now, but I think I`ll be using two jackets pretty soon. The only time it gets pretty chilly is during the night. During the day is nice, but, as soon as the sun goes down, it gets nice and chilly. I don`t think winter will be too long though or at least the coldest part won`t last too long. That`s good because this Arizona boy doesn`t like the cold weather.

Last week was good. We had stake conference yesterday. Presidente and Hermana Heaton and Presidente and Hermana Shurtleff(temple president and wife) were invited. During the general session yesterday, Presidente Heaton asked all of the investigators that were there to stand up so everyone could see them and then challenged then to get baptized. He also challenged every member to hand out at least one pass-along card every week. After that, Presidente Shurtleff talked about what happened in the premortal life. He said that we had all promised Heavenly Father that we would find the true church and get baptized in it. After that he directed his comments to the investigators and said, "You all promised Heavenly Father that would get baptized in the true church so how about you all get baptized this Saturday. Ya that`s a good day to do it." It was a really cool talk. It was very simple but powerful. Unfortunately we didn`t have any investigators there. I think the fact that yesterday was Mother`s Day here had something to do with it. Next week though they`ll all go.

This is the last week of the change already. I don`t know where the last five weeks went. We`ll see what next week brings. Everyone thinks that I`m training so we`ll see if the Lord thinks the same thing.

What else? Felicitaciones Charles. You`re almost a mountie. Every time I watch Dudley Dooright, I`ll think of you. Have fun in training. Felicitaciones as well to Weston. You`re done...sort of. Now you can get some palms. I got one so lets see if you can beat me.

About the journal. It`s a mini, green, three ring binder. The pages aren`t very big. I don`t how else to describe it. It says missionary journal right on the front. Hope that helps you find it mom. By the way, my suits looks fine. I picked up the pants from teh dry cleaner this morning and they match fine. So all is good there.

When is graduation? Is it this Thursday or the next? Hopefull it doesn`t rain. I guess that would make a good memory though. I`ll always remember mine because of the rain. Have fun chaperoning again.

I think that`s just about it. I`m about of time again. Have a good week everyone.

Elder Jones

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