Sunday, October 23, 2011

I`m sad

Dear Family,

Well I`m not sure what to think right now. It feels really weird to be in this situation. Everyone keeps reminding me that I`m finsihing. It`s really getting annoying. I really feel sad because I waited for the mission for years and it finally came and now it`s two and a half weeks from being over. You were all right. The mission ends before you know it. Oh well that`s life. However these last two weeks are going to be great. I will be having at least one baptism my last weekend in the mission. It`s a lady named Miriam Severo. Her two daughters got baptized almost a month ago. I was so happy to see her at church yesterday. Everything is going well here. The ward is getting really excited. I really don`t have anything else to report.

I have a few requests. I can a get a little more money? There is nothing to buy here in Artigas, I`m going to have to buy stuff in Montevideo and it`s a little more expensive there. Also I hope that there will be a lot of cereal waiting for me when I get home.

That`s really it for now. I don`t know what else to say.

Elder Jones

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